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The jewel of our hotel is the exclusive topfloor wellness and fitness area, where our guests can relax while admiring the fabulous view of Esztergom. Due to the adults-only nature of the unit, our guests can enjoy the peaceful ambiance, the jacuzzis, the steam cabin, and the sunny terrace in a completely undisturbed environment.

Further pampering and recreation are provided by our exclusive sauna world and jacuzzis that offer the possibility of complete physical and mental regeneration, be it massage, facial or other health-improving treatment.

Opening hours: 9:00-20:30

Aquasziget Experience Bath

Our hotel is located next to the well-known Aquasziget Experience Bath of Esztergom!
The spa includes an indoor entertainment section, an outdoor beach, and a wellness and beauty section.
Our prices include the ticket to the Aquasziget Experience Bath until September. (The Bath will be closed after the 5th of September 2021 due to renovation.)


In the covered area there are water slides, a restaurant, Kék Lagúna Caffé and bar, a dressing room, changing rooms, toilets and rest beds beside the adventure pools.


Indoor swimming pools

An experience pool, relaxation pool, jacuzzi, children's pool, infrasauna and two water slides are at your disposal.
The indoor experience pool is equiped with twisting corridors, geysers, neck showers, waterfalls, water mushroom, massage nozzles, massage jets and a climbing wall.
The relaxation pool offers a pleasant relaxation for those who are looking for relaxation with a lazy river, solarium, neck showers and seating. The pleasantly warm water and whirlpools of the jacuzzi pool overflow the humped body. The inner child pool with splashy clown and mini slides is a special experience for children.
The infra-red sauna inside pleasantly warms and detoxicates the body.
The two slides with interesting audio and light effects are great place for fun.


The outdoor pools are only open from June 1st to August 31st, during the summer season.
In addition to the pools, there is a giant playground for children, a beach volleyball court and a grill terrace.
Suitable for summer season:
The fun pool with waterfall, water-jets, geyser, air blowing and wave effect,
outdoor children's pool with built-in castle and small water slides, offers whole-day entertainment for the little ones.

Open Air Water Slides:

Open Air Water Slide Nr. 1: start height 7,56 m, lenght 72 m,
Open Air Water Slide Nr. 2: start height 10,22 m, lenght 93 m,
Both slides are connected to a receiving pool.



Wellness World

The sauna is covered with pinewood, pinewood bench and stove with hot stones.

Finnish sauna

The Finnish sauna is a high temperature, 90-100 ° C, and low humidity hot room.
It is the most common form of sauna. It has a great detoxifying effect on the body, which can be enhanced with different essential oils.
Swimsuit is not recommended in the sauna as it slows the circulation and prevents perspiration. In addition, bacteria in the sauna are not beneficial as the main goal is the complete detoxication of the body. If you are shy use a towel around your waist or shoulder. During stay in sauna, care should also be taken to cover the area where our body is in contact with the bench.
Warming up the human body has a beneficial effect on the body. Blood supply increases and metabolism and acceleration of secretion processes supports the body's immune system by sweating.

Rose sauna (enter allowed in swimsuit)

In keeping with the requirements of our hotel guests, we designed a swimsuit-designated sauna, which operates as a sanarium of 60 ° C with a humidity of 40% (sauna and steam bath mix).
It is an area for special rest and with experience showers.
Sanarium relaxing soothing safflower oils are added to help relaxation and have a pleasant relaxing effect.

Herbal sauna

In Biosauna the temperature of 80 ° C creates a pleasant climate. Lower temperatures are less burdensome for the body.
The effect of the biosauna can be enhanced by the use of herbal remedies. The herbs are used in the form of an oil, which inhalation provides beneficial effects on the skin.

Light sauna

Biosauna, where the temperature is 60-65 ° C. We combine the effect of the biosauna with music and light. Sound therapy has a very favorable effect on the harmony of body and soul.
The alternating color lights help the regeneration process. By enhancing the effect of the heat and the light, the stress-relieving essential oils are used.
Opening hours of saunas: Monday to Friday: 10-20; Saturday-Sunday: 9 to 20 o'clock.

Adventure shower

The adventure showers of our Wellness World offer a special refreshment for our guests who wish to cool off after the saunas.
The temperature of the water from the wall, the ceiling and the sprinkles can be individually controlled. Different effects massage, relax and refresh the body and soul.

Relaxing whirlpool

Pleasant, 25 ° C water-bath with built-in bench.
The sparkling water and the lights in the ceiling create idyllic conditions for total relief and relaxation.


Kneipp bath

People have been using the healing effect of water and the resurgence of the body's vitality since ancient times. Sebastian Kneipp became famous for his strict hydrotherapy. From today's modern hydrotherapy, the foundation of his work has gradually evolved.
All water treatment stimulates the body, causing physiological reactions. The use of stones and cold water pools has a beneficial effect on metabolic processes, supports venous reflux and is regularly used to prevent inflammation. Slow walking on stones is a pleasant foot massage, and the combined effect of cold water and warm air helps to achieve the desired result. In the pool filled with cold water, walking on large white, smooth stones, we tap the water and walk around the circle. The legs are lifted at each step, so cold water and hot air give the changeover feature. The stones lightly massage the reflex zones of feet, thus initiating a kind of regulatory process. It has a very good effect on blood circulation, the training of the walls of the blood vessels, and its regenerative effect is definitely worth mentioning.


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