For 0-99 years old Pepper's Adventure Park


Adventure park for 0-99 years old

Pepper's futuristic recreation park awaits everyone from 0 to 99 years old at the Grand Hotel Esztergom on more than 700 square meters.

With a combination of active recreation, exercise, sports and fun, this adventure park provides unforgettable adventures for children and adults as well.

Opening hours: 9am-21pm


  • Table tennis
  • Air hockey
  • Foosball

Playground for the little ones

A true playground paradise for the littlest ones, where they can develop their movement coordination, the sense of balance and the motor movements while having fun.


Avoid the moving laser beams in the shortest possible time in a darkened, full of smoked room.

Virtual corner

For the lovers of computer games!

  • 2 PlayStation5-s
  • 2 Gamer PC-s
  • 2 Forma1 simulators

Ninja park

Who can go through the challenge field? The team members can see the time and completion of game on the screen. Players get an armband to touch to the sensor at each station. The difficulty is indicated by the color of the sensor.


  • Ladder to the sky
  • Tunnel labyrinth
  • Ball challenge
  • Waving giant balls
  • Wall climbing

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Pepper Recreation Park


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